Me and my familj


old Dalavik wher my Father was a Captain and my first year at sea.

Sanda II. deckboy.

Dalavik 1980-05 to 1981-01 my father was ch mate her and I was 2nd mate

Älvtank deckboy.

Tanker 1973-04-06 Deckboy.

Viking 1974 seaman school

Tor Angelia / Tor Hollandia as AB and heels an.

Solvik 1976-07 to 1977-05 first ship as a mate, Fajal 1987 and my first ship as a Captain.

Snow Ball OS

Furenäs. 2:Mate

Tor Britania Matros

Tärntank Ch Mate !

Tärvind Ch Mate !

Dalanäs Ch Mate.

Margita. Ch Mate !

Tärnhav Ch Mate.

Chess Ch Mate.

Forsvik Ch Mate.

Breeze Ch Mate.

Tärnfors Ch Mate !

Bonito Ch Mate.

Navigo Ch Mate and Captain.

Swedish administration as Senior Ship Surveyor 1998 - 2000

Tellus. 2nd Mate temporary.

Prospero Ch Mate and Captain 18000 dwt

Chagall. Ch Mate.

Bonito Captain.

Bro Sincero Captain.

Chess Captain.

Bit Oktania Captain.

Bit Okland. Captain 25000 dwt LOA 177 m x 26 m.

Fox Sunrise Captain.

Fox Luna. Captain.

Neptunus. Captain.

Nimbus. Captain.

Lexus. Captain.

Saturnus (ex. Furevik) Captain.

Marinus. Captain.

Vesta. Befälhavare

Disa. Captain

Fröja. Captain.

Vipan. Captain.

Silvertärnan. Captain.

Ylva. Captain

Gefion af Göteborg Jeannue Sun Oddsey 42 Owner and Captain.

Our old boat "Jeannue Sun Oddsey 45,2"

My boat "Princess 65" Captain and owner.

Back in business !


Captain Roger Niklasson.

Master On Scorpius

These are several of the ships I have sailed in over the years at sea.
And approximately 2 years at the Swedish Maritime Administration IOG as a ship inspector.
Has also worked as a teacher at Navigation school in Gothenburg and Mariehamn on the energy line with tanker courses ..